What is Phil Riding

Phil rides Specialized. If you're going to grind it out from one side to America to the other, you want to ensure you've got the best kit. Phil will be swapping between the Specialized Transition and the Specialized Roubaix. Two classic bikes. Check 'em out below.

• The fast-rolling Zipp 404 wheels feature an aerodynamic shape and a dimpled surface for even less air resistance.
• The Body Geometry TriTip saddle features a thickly padded nose for comfort on those long miles. 
• The Transition Carbon seatpost is perfectly shaped to cheat the wind.
• The Specialized S-Works FACT N’Aero carbon monocoque fork is light and fast.• The Vision Tech aero handlebar puts you in the perfect position for the long-haul tri miles.
• The Specialized integrated brake system maintains an aero profile while still providing sure stops.
• Our S-Works FACT carbon crankset is light and strong; its integrated oversized design makes for high-efficiency power transfer.
• Zipp’s 404 wheels feature an aerodynamic shape and a dimpled surface for even less air resistance.
• The light and fast Transition S-Works FACT 9r carbon, triple monocoque frame features our N’Aero tube shaping in a compact aero design, with an oversized BB for maximum pedaling efficiency.


The comfortable and scientifically proven Body Geometry Toupé Gel saddle features a carbon-reinforced base for stiffness and hollow Ti rails for minimum weight.
• The S-Works FACT 10r carbon frame features our FACT IS construction, Zertz inserts, and an oversize BB, which means it’s light, comfortable, and super-efficient.
• The S-Works FACT carbon crankset takes our integrated, oversized design to its ultimate level. We’re talking high-performance stiffness, wrapped in good looks. 
• The S-Works FACT carbon fork features an oversize race for an unwavering front end; the vibration-absorbing Zertz inserts are there to take the edge off.
• The S-Works Mindset headset comes with ceramic cartridge bearings for the smoothest action imaginable.
• The S-Works Pro-Set stem is all about strength with no weight penalty, thanks to a carbon/alloy face plate, Ti bolts, and a carbon top cap.
• The S-Works SL FACT carbon handlebar is light, strong, and comfortable; the short-reach drop keeps your hands right where you want them.
• The S-Works SL FACT carbon seatpost, with vibration-absorbing Zertz insert, is the stiffest, most forgiving seatpost you’ll ever ride.
• Mavic's new R-SYS wheels use tubular carbon spokes working in both traction and tension on the wheels allowing for lighter and stiffer wheels.