Sisters do it for their friends and Todd goes for his 15 min in Hollywood. Todd is a comedian who wants to crack into Hollywood, by cracking jokes. His dream: get on a TV talk show. A family illness put Todd’s dreams of being the next David Letterman on hold. Can this stay-at-home Dad reclaim center stage? 

Meet some sisters with soul. The dream of Spokane’s famous Singing Nuns: host a thank-you dinner and live concert for their supporters, performing in styles from hallelujah to hip hop. Sister Mary-Bernadette and The Singing Nuns have got the spirit - heaven knows what they’ll pull together. 

It's a Wonderful Life

Two young sisters from Miami remember a life by living life NOW, and a do-gooder strives for a miracle on Main St. Stephanie and Sarah grew up hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, with their adventurer father. He died last year in a tragic diving accident. The young women’s dream is to honor their Dad, their hero, in a way that would make him proud: a 3 day wet and wild Hawaiian adventure.

Roger is a man who performs random act of kindness anonymously. His dream: put on a wedding for a deserving couple in the snowy town of Hiram, Ohio. The hitch: he’ll do it all without them knowing. Will they get to the church on time and will this secret service be a success? 

Ready to Roll

In this episode: a spectacular rolling world record in Paris and a shake-up of a life in a rut in California David G - San Francisco’s ‘Roller King" - wants to roll into the record books. His dream: create the world's largest roller-skating serpentine, joining together 15,000 people in Paris, France. But he’s never set foot outside of the US and he doesn't speak French. Vive le Roll!

Janet is a Mom and office worker dying to break out of her sheltered world and seriously shake up her life - she's never traveled alone and has a fear of flying. She wants to drive a Formula Car, go free fall skydiving and bungy jump in a 72 hour adrenalin fest.

Burlesque and Broadcasting

An LA Woman bares it all for burlesque and a DJ aims to broadcast her show to the biggest audience in the Big Apple. Marissa’s dream: put on her own burlesque show, with music, comedy, costumes, and of course, girls, girls, girls. We'll see if this LA performer can get it all together before taking it all off. 

33-yr-old Jae Jae has spent 12 years working as a radio DJ, shifting jobs up and down the dial looking for a break. Now the manic Mom from Monterey wants to broadcast her spiel on the hottest radio station in New York City: Z100.

Rock and Roll

A rocket scientist rocks and two college students roll their way to their NOW challenge. Two cycling fanatics aim for the top - of the world! Their dream-to put on a bike race in Barrow, Alaska. Oklahoma students Andy and Daniel encounter northern exposure, thick ice, and Eskimos to put on their own Tour D’Alaska. 

Kraig is a rocket scientist and father of three who wants to rock n roll. His dream: relaunch the ‘hottest rock band in the Spud Belt’. 15 years ago, Kraig traded his drumsticks for planetary probes. Will the closet rock star have enough supersonic drive to fuel his dream? 


In this episode 2 musical talents have 72 hours to be amplified to maximum volume. Etan G - The Jewish Rapper - has got a synagogue rocking dream: to make a professional music video and prove to his mother and a sceptical heavyweight hip hop producer that his career is legit. But he’s living a double life: while he’s trying prove to his mom that he’s responsible … his wife is in labor!

24-year-old hotel Chicago security guard Gabe’s dream: To give his musically talented Fame graduate wife one incredible moment in the limelight. Can the wannabe music promoter get her center-stage in 72 hours?

In the Spotlight

3 people are challenged to put their dreams under the glare of the spot-light. Zebediah De Soto and David Schwartz have a blockbuster dream: create an action movie that they hope will launch them from San Jose wannabes to Hollywood players. Do they have what it takes or will their dreams end up on the cutting room floor? 

Tinisha Shade from Normal, Illinois, is a 23 yr old broadcasting student with a booty shaking dream: to experience the life of a pro Go Go dancer at a San Francisco nightclub. But there's a twist - she gets a rude shock when she finds out that the costumes are more revealing than she expected!

Raging Bull


In this episode, a 33-year-old LA production coordinator with no bull riding experience wants to tackle the most dangerous 8 seconds in sport and ride a bull in a real rodeo. He always admired the cowboy way. Years ago, he had one chance to ride in a rodeo but he chickened out. Ever since he's been haunted by the need to prove his machismo.

Now Scott will endure three days of gruelling training with legendary bull-rider Gary Leffew. Even with all Gary's words of wisdom, Scott risks serious injury, even death. This is assuming he gets past his feisty Italian wife who thinks bull riding is insanity!



America's Heroes

n this episode, a Vietnam veteran parachutes into the Alaskan wilderness to ambush his long-lost war buddy, and one man sets out to honor American veterans on a grand scale. Former Navy SEAL Randy Piper literally drops-in on a friend he fought alongside in Swift boats in Vietnam. They haven't seen each other in 25 years. During a 3 day adventure reunion over sea, land and air, they try to come to terms with painful memories. 

John Quigley wants to use his large scale art to remind the world about our forgotten heroes: homeless American veterans. The problem is big and so is his dream: to create an extraordinary human mural with 500 homeless vets that can be seen from the air.

Playing for Keeps

From flying pucks to … flying bullets: two sporting fanatics play the toughest games of their lives. 49 year Rochester postman Mike Orsini has a dream every sports fan would envy - in 3 days he's going to shoot for a chance at playing with the pros. Problem: Rec league puck speed: 50mph. Pro league puck speed: 95 mph! 

Garth Redwood is a kick-boxing champion with a knock out dream: build a boxing ring for inner-city kids in one of the toughest LA neighbourhoods. His back will be against the ropes, as he experiences everything from a drive-by shooting to Olympic fists.