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Field of Dreams

Three NOW challengers desperate to do something for the youth of Tokoroa take on a 72 hour once-in-a-lifetime challenge to transform a town.

Desiree, 28, is a young lawyer who wants to change the headlines in a community she cares so much about.

Billy, 38, is a Pacific Island business entrepreneur, and passionate teacher of Polynesian performance to Tokoroa's youth.

Richard, 48, local swimming pool manager and irrepressible town character.

These three will have just 72 epic hours to give the young people of Tokoroa their field of dreams. Working with their community the three challengers will attempt to transform an empty site into a magnificent Youth Park, complete with flying fox, performance stage (for kapa haka, hip hop to community events and movies), pou (Maori totem poles), graffiti wall, volleyball court, BBQ area and playground.

They'll be the forepersons of their NOW challenge: rallying support, harnessing construction and design expertise, working massive earth moving equipment under huge lights day and night, desperately fundraising, coordinating volunteers, feeding masses of people, keeping energy levels high on little sleep, confronting hurdles and time pressure … generally rousing the spirit of a unique small town.

All the while they'll be preparing for a concert party, featuring a Shortland St MC, local acts, and NZ hip hop stars Nesian Mystik, that will give the park the launch it deserves. These NOW challengers have the chance to give the town an extreme makeover, change the headlines, and put the zeal back into the kids of Tokoroa's lives.

Test Your Limits

Three unlikely strangers: a self-confessed control freak, a rugged rugby-playing bloke terrified of spiders, and an outdoor adventurer rapidly losing his sight face the unknown in the hostile Queensland outback.

Patrina lords over the airwaves on her popular Christchurch breakfast radio show but behind the microphone there's a control freak who desperately wants to break free from routine.

Greg is a young adventure sports enthusiast whose life-changing 21st birthday present was the news that he would lose his sight by the time that he's 30.

Alf is an extroverted Auckland account manager and a big Harley-riding lug who takes to life with zeal … unless it involves spiders, when he's reduced to cold sweats and nausea.

Each applied to NOW to test their limits.

The trio will make their way to Brisbane where they'll be dropped on their own into the outback. "Where the bloody hell are we?" will be the first question as they test their personal boundaries to the max. Surviving overnight in the outback with just a swag and the company of lizards, rocks (and worst of all for Alf) deadly spiders, butt-busting endurance horse rides, and desert climbs, are amongst the outback obstacles they'll be up against.

Facing adversity, Alf, Patrina and Greg will need to help each other out to find what they're looking for: racing the clock to reward Greg with a visual memory to literally cherish for a lifetime. To make it through this extreme walkabout, Greg will have to confront his failing vision, Patrina will have to learn to lose control, and Alf will need to make some eight-legged friends.

Tough Guy

From the freezing work floors to the South Island high country, and the arenas where our top athletes compete, we searched the country for New Zealand's 6 toughest men. In a back-breaking 72 hour challenge, No Opportunity Wasted gave them the chance to battle it out for the No.1 spot.

Each of these 6 can credibly claim to be there: an ex-Kiwis league hard-man who has knocked down Inga-the-winger in the boxing ring, a trans-Atlantic rowing race winner and champion surf-boater, a horse wrangling Southern man who dragged all 70kg of the truant sheep Shrek down the mountainside, an ex-Mr New Zealand Bodybuilder, a giant Maori kick-boxing freezing worker from the Waikato, and a NZ world champ rowing rep...

Who has the spirit to step up to the pantheon of Kiwi legends occupied by the likes of Sir Ed Hillary, Pinetree Meads, Buck Shelford, Jerry Collins, Richie McCaw, the '72 rowing eight. Are these NOW challengers in their league?

Each will be tested for their strength, endurance and agility, but ultimately mental toughness will separate the tough from the toughest. These guys have to be prepared to prove they are up for anything; that they're absolutely fearless in the face of situations that would cause any ordinary male to collapse into the couch. Hearts, lungs, muscles and smarts will be tested to the max.

Make-or-break challenges that take in agriculture, rugby, labouring, the rugged outdoors and the boxing arena have been designed to break body and mind, leaving only one man standing. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be crowned New Zealand's toughest man.

Kiwiana Car Rally

The Kiwiana Car Rally brings 10 complete strangers together in a 72 hour journey from Taupo to Hokitika. Based on international car rally rules these unlikely challengers are paired up in 5 Skodas, picking up clues, as they race south on state highway 1.

With the clock ticking they must complete distinctly Kiwi challenges along the way (gumboot throwing, chasing sheep, convert a goal at Westpac Trust Stadium hunt for the elusive moa), search for Kiwiana kitsch (teaspoons, t-shirts and stuffed kiwis), consume local delicacies (raw paua, cray from Kaikoura, trout from Turangi). Slower teams will be left behind as they make their way south in the Skodas towards a constitution-testing wildfood eat-off on the West Coast.

Mixing 'Goodbye Porkpie', with the great NZ road trip and a traditional Rally, 10 unlikely strangers will celebrate the pure for-the-hell-of-it Kiwi spirit.

Scared to Live!

Phil helps 3 everyday Kiwis who're terrified to live life NOW through a series of increasingly demanding physical and mental challenges. In just 72 hours he'll attempt to take them from the couch to the record books helping them face their fears and ultimately get them to live NOW.

Katie is an outwardly together Canterbury TV host who is hounded by irrational fears holding her back in life (phobias of flying and water and even … chicken: "I have avid fears about so many bizarre things. I even have a fear of eating chicken that somebody else has cooked.").

Raymond has survived a tough South Auckland upbringing to pick himself up, and now works as a manager at Hubbards Cereal Factory, but in the process he has created a safe haven for himself and shut himself away from the world.

Cara, a 31-year-old part-time school teacher, wife and mother of three, the eldest of four kids, has been in a mothering role since the age of 11 and had her first baby at 19. She's lost her confidence, feels trapped and is desperate to find herself again. "Some days I just feel like a mouse on a wheel."

All three applied to No Opportunity Wasted to break fee and change the way they live their lives. Using NOW shock treatment the challengers will attempt to pull 5-Gs in an aerobatic plane, scale vertical cliffs, skydive from 15,000 feet, traverse high above the wild Shotover River and leap into the record books with a world record bungy.

Shark Fear

Three challengers with a disabling fear of sharks face their own personal Jaws in a 72 hour phobia-beating, desensitizing, diving challenge in Fiji. To get over their fear of the ocean's greatest predator they'll be racing the clock to get PADI qualified, into the water and overcome the one thing that's holding them back in their lives.

Paul was hunted for 45 harrowing minutes by a great white shark while fishing in his Kayak off the Northland coast of New Zealand. His mates describe him as being 'shell-shocked'. He has stuttered ever since.

Jenny is a 20 year-old Otago University Student who was savaged by a Broad-snout seven-gill shark while swimming in the surf off Oreti Beach in Invercargill (60 stitches). She hasn't been back in the ocean for 7 years.

Chrissie nearly died in a life-changing car accident. As a Nelson solo Mother she now has a deep fear of the ocean and what lies beneath. This fear of the deep is now affecting not just her but her children as well: her young son won't learn to swim because of his Mum's open-water phobia.

In just 72 hours Paul, Jenny and Chrissie will attempt to go from being quivering selachophobics, to swimming with dozens of wild sharks in Fiji's world famous shark mecca: The Supermarket. Will they even dip their toes in the water?