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Fear of Heights

On Canada's coastal mountains, two challengers face their fear of heights - a fear that has kept them grounded their entire lives.

Fear of Sharks

Shark attack! Two challengers confront one of nature's deadliest predators by diving into shark-infested waters.

Fear of Public Speaking

After repeatedly trying to ditch their phobia, two young executives face the ultimate "do or die" moment in front of 20,000 footie fans.

Fear of Flying

Statistically speaking, air travel is the safest mode of travel. But stats mean nothing to these two Challengers.

Fear of Change

The city hits the country as two urban Challengers confront their fear of change.

Fear of Water

Two Challengers overcome physical and psychological obstacles to recover something they thought was lost forever.

Fear of Leadership

Two Challengers fight an inner battle on the surging white water rapids of the Ottawa River.

Aim for the Heart in Kenya

Two women journey to Kenya to build a well for a community, and to find inner peace for themselves.

Fear of Driving

For most, the commute to work is an everyday activity; but for others, the daily drive can cause panic and fear.



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