Phil's life list

Phil's current List for Life 

"You'll notice I've scaled back on some of the climbing and jumping. And yet, I am proud to say, much of this list is still rather childish. Once you've made your own List for Life, don't be hesitant to change it, add to it, adapt it: It should be a fluid and dynamic document. It should evolve as you grow.

In terms of my own evolving list, I think one of the biggest differences is that my first list was very self-centered, as in, "I want to experience this, I want to see what it feels like to do that." Now I tend to want to do more things that involve other people: meeting interesting people, immersing myself in a foreign culture, going with someone on a journey, helping them to achieve a dream. 
I've found that doing the latter has become the ultimate "rush" for me because it makes me feel as if I've changed someone's life -- and now maybe they'll turn around and share their experience with someone else and change that person's life, and the whole thing will keep spreading (that's the plan, anyway)."

  1. Write the book, "No Opportunity Wasted"
  2. Produce the NOW television series
  3. Make a difference in someone's life
  4. Climb Mount Cook with my Dad
  5. Travel into outer space
  6. Be a ball boy in the U.S. Open
  7. Take a child who has never been out of their zip code to the fields of Nebraska and create "crop art'
  8. Take my daughter Elle to "La Tomatina," the world's biggest food fight
  9. Have a gourmet romantic dinner with my wife Louise on top of the erupting Stromboli volcano.
  10. Take Oprah Winfrey skydiving, or something (she deserves it; plus, I owe her one for putting me on her show)
  11. Putt a golf ball across the entire country of Scotland (honestly, I have no idea why I want to do this so badly)


"The NOW book and TV series are still at the top of my list, with little check marks next to them; I may have given birth to both these babies, but I still feel like I'm just getting started in terms of bringing the NOW movement fully to life."