No Opportunity Wasted: The Beginning

Aged 19, on one of his first TV shoots, Phil was exploring by scuba a sunken cruise liner in New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds. In one of the upturned interior cabins he became trapped and couldn't find his way out. In the nearly pitch-black fjord water he became disorientated. His scuba tank had little air left. He began to panic. He couldn't find the way out in the dark unfamiliar upside-down space. In the support boat above no one was aware of Phil's increasing desperation. 

As breath by breath the air expired from his tank he was beginning to sense that his next breath might be his last. The support crew on the surface began to worry. A rescue diver was sent down to find Phil. With hope almost gone, he was frantically pulled to the surface.

After the shock Phil reflected on where he was at and on how precious life is. He sucked in the O2 and the next day went back to the wreck and repeated his nearly fatal dive. He also began to write a list of all the things he wanted to achieve before he died.

As he worked through the initial list of 100 Things To Do, other lists evolved, which he did too. This has led to a life filled with adventure and few regrets. A life shaped by the mantra: 'No Opportunity Wasted.'