No Opportunity Wasted: The Book

Written by Phil Keoghan and Warren Berger, No Opportunity Wasted (Rodale Press) aims to inspire people to break through their boundaries, challenge themselves, and live a fuller life.

Though Phil is known as an outdoor adventurer this book is not just about climbing mountains or skydiving - it's about seeking out opportunities to keep learning, exposing oneself to new cultural influences and fresh experiences, looking at life from new angles, and finding ways to enrich the lives of others around you.

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NOW combines the appeal of an inspirational book with the adrenaline-rush of a thriller. Phil shares his dynamic philosophy, as he takes readers along routes leading from the Yucatan Jungle to the depths of an underwater cave to the top of an erupting volcano. Along the way, you'll meet fascinating people facing their greatest life challenges from the soldier in Iraq to the Hollywood film actor. Stories include a mailman who takes a shot at pro hockey, a nun trying for a triathlon record, an 89-year-old barefoot water skier, a young surfer who won't let paralysis keep him off the board, and a husband who helps his musician wife to finally shine in the spotlight.

This is no armchair adventure book. It is an urgent and inspiring call to action. Phil provides a clear, step-by-step guide to help you create a personalized "List for Life". Packed with practical suggestions and examples, and driven by Phil Keoghan's fresh, compelling 'NOW' philosophy, this is a book that will help us all seize everything our lives have to offer.

Phil Keoghan:

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Warren Berger has written for Wired magazine, Men's Journal, and The New York Times. His book Advertising Today was named one of the "Best Books of 2001" by Barnes & Noble.

Rodale Press: the largest independent book publisher in the U.S.; titles include the runaway hit The South Beach Diet. Its lifestyle magazines are published in 36 countries and are leaders in their markets; titles include Prevention, Men's Health and Runner's World.

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"No Opportunity Wasted is about learning how to live while you still have the chance, about letting go of the handrails, taking off your tie (and maybe taking off a lot more, while you're at it), and swerving off that predictable road you've been following for years--onto a strange and bumpy path that just might, with a bit of luck, get you lost. It is about taking the time to enjoy experiences you've denied yourself. It's also about sharing experiences with other people you know and connecting with people you don't know - beginning with yourself."

-- Phil K